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The Jeff Gordon Hating Association

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Alright, so it's obvious that we all know him, and we all hate him.  He's the Rainbow Warrior, and he sucks.  I am here to make a website completely dedicated to hating him, and him alone.  I got most of these things off of other sites that aren't completely dedicated, but partially dedicated to hating the Rainbow Warrior. 
I will post hate mail from people about either hating the site or Wonderboy on the page titled "Hate Mail".  This will all be uncensored, so please keep it clean.  I will have more on the page titled Hate Mail. 
I do not wanna hear anything about how you are so glad that Earnhardt died, and then you go and call me sick, because, I may not respect the Rainbow Warrior, but I know that the track would never be the same without him.  What's a track without 42 straight guys chasing one gay?

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