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The Jeff Gordon Hating Association


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How can you tell when Wonderboy is going to say something intelliegent?
He starts out, "Earnhardt once said...."

Why does the Rainbow Warrior never hit the wall?
The wall ain't got no numbers on it.

Earnhardt calls Rick Hendrick up, but the secretary answers the phone and says, "I'm sorry, he was put in jail with Jeff."  So, every day, day after day, Earnhardt calls up Rick Hendrick.  Finally, after five weeks of the excessive calling, the secretary says, "Look, pal, what do you not understand?  HE'S IN JAIL!"  "I know," Earnhardt says, "I just like hearing you say it."

Jeff Gordon was arresten last night for tresspassing and breaking and entering. When asked to comment he says, "I just wanted to get a look at the FRONT of one of them new Fords."  Wonderboy is now sitting in a cell in Las Vegas, Nevada awaiting his trial.  The trial will be held the day after the final race in the season, meaning he will not race the rest of the season.